Once considered a counterculture -- “hippie escape” from the mundane -- Music Festivals are now in the mainstream, playing a core part in the youth entertainment culture. However, because the Music Festival field has become popular in a short term, its wayfinding and safety system to guide and protect the audiences are not ready and good enough for the amount of people the most big festivals get. Therefore, I believe that the music festival scene needs next step for its audiences to stay safe and enjoy the music and atmosphere itself without harmed by any confusion or accident.



Step is an organization collaborates with music festivals in the United States. Step provides a safety system at a music festival to keep its audiences safe and let them enjoy the music and its atmosphere. I designed the wristband, icons, and stations at the festivals that to help.

I chose circle as an identity of the brand since it represents the beauty of music festivals: units people as one. The one of the main goals of this project was to design a venue that has easy and safe access to where people want to go. I started with designing the stations that can be recognized from far, almost anywhere you are at the festival even during night time, and created a map and icons based on the size and the shape of stations.